Creating Effective Learning Environments

This online class is designed to equip you with the current philosophical understandings of learning and what it means for today’s 21st century learner in the wake of the global pandemic. It encourages you to think more thoughtfully about the space of learning and how to make it effective to optimize how much your young learners can actually gain from learning experiences.

"Wow! Great insights into learning in the classroom and at home."
Shedrack Nzombe

About Author

Elayne Jana

Elayne is the co-founder and director of Avodah Works and holds a master’s degree in Education in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment and has been applying the principles in this course as well as foundational underpinnings of International Education in and outside the classroom.

"We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with fellow educators, parents, carers, and community workers to meet the learning needs of students in a much greater capacity."

Creating Effective Learning Environments

Optimize how much your young learners can gain from learning experiences

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