Productivity with Purpose

This online class is designed to empower you to be efficient in your daily tasks, reach your goals and follow a career path with clarity of vision, a deeper work value system and sustained productivity. By simply asking the right questions, examining beliefs and articulating personal values, you will be equipped to increase work performance, execute your vision with confidence and build healthier relationships.

So many people around the world feel stuck doing a job or following a career path that they find little to zero fulfillment in. In 5 simple stages, enhance your productivity by being purpose-driven.

"This is one of the best online courses that helps you integrate productivity with your life purpose."
Mugisha Simba

About Author

Trevor Jana

Trevor is the co-founder and director of Avodah Works. He has over 10 years of experience supporting faith-based communities and recently partnering with development organizations, financial institutions and training various teams in the hospitality industry.

"We desire to see individuals and organizations cultivate all areas of their vocation and life so that they can see their vision and purpose become a reality."​

Productivity with Purpose

Integrate your life and mind and enhance productivity

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