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With experience in various industries in the marketplace such as Finance, Marketing, Human Capital, Education and Business Technology, our team is passionate and positioned to support you and your business.


Avodah Learning Experience

Our blueprint is based on five levels which are further built on specific values that drives the success of our content. In order to steer the workforce of an organization toward profitability and added value, we have defined five strategic levels:

Experiences – Worldview – Values – Behavior – Development.

Our workshop options:


Through partnering with employers for 13 years in various industries, we have acquired a unique knowledge about what type of employees they would like to work with in their business. Most employers are looking for people who are excellent at what they do, hardworking and excellent communicators. Our recruitment centers give you access to the cream of the crop graduates who have successfully completed our vigorous 12-day job readiness training.

See what employers are saying about our graduates.


Online Courses

So many people around the world feel overwhelmed with finding the right work-life balance.

These online courses are designed to cultivate your mind and equip you to live an integrated life.


  • Testing
  • Blended Learning
  • Curriculum Design
  • Learning Management Systems

Holistic approach to financial training and advisory on entrepreneurial investments and wealth management.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business Development
  • IT Inspection & Analysis
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Live Sound Design and Audio Recording
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